An Exclusive Interview with Filippa K’s new Creative Director Liisa Kessler

Today, prior to the release of those resort and spring 2023 collections, the brand is dropping a teaser, in the form of a capsule swimwear collection campaign, shot in the wintery North of Sweden, near Skellefteå. It’s made entirely out of materials already in-house, intriguingly including black velvet, and shows a gaggle of models ice … Read more

“Repairing Is Caring” for the Designers Behind the Swedish Label Main Nué

There’s a charming Island of Misfit Toys-aspect to the remake and repair work of Alva Johansson and Maja Freiman. As the cofounders of Main Nué, they find not only beauty, but worthiness in other people’s castoffs. “I really think it’s nice to look at broken things, things that don’t really have a value,” said Freiman, … Read more