62 Best Face Serums for Your Skin in 2022, According to Experts

Below, an expert’s guide to the best new serums for modern skin concerns: Firming Serums “Firming Serums are some of the most popular on the market,” says McLeod-Valentine. “The primary purpose is to restore lost collagen and elastin through the aging process.” As skin ages, its levels of collagen and elasticity drop while cell turnover … Read more

7 Minimalist Makeup Steps in 2022 for a Skin-Enhancing, Radiant Glow

Trends come and go, but accentuating your authentic, natural features never goes out of style—which is precisely where minimalist makeup comes in. “To me, minimalist makeup means using less product in a smarter way to have more impact,” says Jason Hoffman, veteran makeup artist and vice president of beauty and product experience at Amyris (the … Read more

The Best Spring Fragrances for 2022 Are Soulful and Serene

Creating a perfect spring fragrance is no small feat. Tasked with encapsulating a period of rebirth, renewal, and hope, the season’s fragrances have a lot to live up to. They must be sweet without becoming cloying, refreshing without being too severe, and flower-laden while still appealing to those who’ve banished the blooms. In the past, … Read more

The Best Sunscreen for Face, Body, and Lips All Summer Long

As warmer, sunnier days descend, it’s only natural to want to bound out of the house for some fresh air without sunscreen. But it’s because we’ve been spending excess time indoors all winter that it’s especially essential to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Year-round, sunscreen is the most effective way to … Read more