Inclusive Language Around Abortion Costs Us Nothing, and Makes the Movement Stronger

It’s been—to put it mildly—a difficult few days for those who believe that trans and nonbinary people are (gasp!) deserving of health care. Public figures including New York Times columnist Pamela Paul, actor Bette Midler, and singer Macy Gray have all come out with statements indicating that the role of women in society is somehow … Read more

Post-Roe v. Wade, I’m Reacquainting Myself With Riot Grrrl-Inspired Anger

Now, in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s unthinkable-yet-wholly-predictable overturning, I’m thinking about my college self and her born-too-late riot grrrl aspirations again. I know now that the riot grrrl movement was nowhere near as inclusive as it could or should have been; as Mimi Thi Nguyen wrote for the feminist theory journal Women & … Read more

Even Before the Overturn of Roe, American Women Were Being Let Down

I’m writing this on my phone while nursing my 10-week-old, with my four- and six-year-olds entertaining themselves in the other room. The four-year-old has missed the past week of school because he caught COVID one week before the FDA—after taking its excruciating time—approved a vaccine for under-5’s. He then passed it to his brother (probably), … Read more

The Boris Johnson No-Confidence Vote, Explained

The events of the Platinum Jubilee may have provided a distraction from the political turmoil enveloping the U.K., but this morning’s news of a vote of no confidence against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has brought ongoing governmental issues back into laser-sharp focus. Later today, Johnson will face the biggest crisis yet in his tumultuous … Read more

On the Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death, Biden Is Set to Sign an Order on Police Reform

On Wednesday, May 25, two years after the killing of unarmed Black father George Floyd by Minneapolis ex-policeman Derek Chauvin, President Joe Biden is expected to issue an executive order aimed at reforming police departments across the country. The order will direct federal law enforcement agencies to revise their use-of-force policies and to restrict tactics … Read more

Beto O’Rourke Was Right to Interrupt Greg Abbott’s Post-Uvalde Press Conference

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old gunman entered an Uvalde, Texas elementary school with a long rifle and proceeded to kill 19 children and two teachers in a single classroom. On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott—a longtime NRA supporter who has been instrumental in relaxing state gun laws—held a press conference to pass the buck to “mental … Read more

Oklahoma’s Legislature Just Passed the Strictest Abortion Ban in the Country

It appears that the near-complete ban on abortions after six weeks in Texas was only the beginning of the rollback of reproductive rights in the U.S.: On Thursday, the Oklahoma Legislature gave approval to a bill that would prohibit nearly all abortions beginning at fertilization. The bill subjects abortion providers and anyone who “aids or … Read more