Paul Guilmoth’s haunting photographs capture the subtle transitions of life

The way Paul Guilmoth sees the nocturnal world is intriguingly unusual: a spacetime place where darkness and light dance together giving rise to evanescent and uncanny images. Their recent book, At Night Gardens Grow, published by Stanley Barker, is a silent requiem where visual fragments coexist like a disturbing dream: they defy any notion of … Read more

Magnum Photos – Colors, Places, Faces

Mexico, Mexico City, 1969 © Rene Burri, Magnum Photos René Burri “What counts is putting the intensity that you yourself have experienced into the picture. Otherwise, it is just a document.” As a photojournalist, René Burri’s focus is on the socio-political aspect of architecture and the people who inhabit or use it.Brasilia, the new Brazilian … Read more

At Nepal’s Pride Parade, A Unique Vision of Queer Resistance

On Saturday, after a two-year, COVID-induced hiatus, members of the Nepali queer community and their allies took to the streets of Kathmandu for the Nepal Pride Parade—celebrating their hard-earned wins over the past decade, and looking to the future of LGBTQ+ rights within the landlocked Himalayan country.  On hand to witness it was the Nepali … Read more

Carmen Monoxide Is the Fashion “Queerdo” Who Shaped Guatemala’s Drag Scene

Five days a week, you’ll find drag queen and self-described “Queerdo” Carmen Monoxide performing in packed venues in Mexico City. She’ll often be wearing sexy pink bodysuits with cutouts, or more futuristic patent leather harnesses. “It’s Pride [Month] right now, so this is our busiest season,” Monoxide tells Vogue, adding that there’s a burgeoning drag … Read more

In Las Vegas, a Search for the Next Great Stars of K-Pop

For 18-year-old La’Mmaria Walker, it was BTS’s “DNA”—the single’s exuberant mix of whistling and guitar strums—that made her a K-pop fan four years ago, when she was in the eighth grade. She didn’t understand the Korean lyrics, but it didn’t matter: “You feel their emotions,” Walker tells Vogue.“That’s what K-pop is for me.” In the … Read more

“William Klein: Yes” Takes the Artist’s Work Beyond Qui Êtes Vous, Polly Maggoo? and the Pages of Vogue

William Klein, the New York-born, Paris-based multi-hyphenate creative best known as a photographer and film director, is the subject of an extensive monographic exhibition at the ICP. Klein himself titled the show, “Yes,” because, as he told curator David Campany, “I said ‘yes’ to everything. If an opportunity came along and I could do it, … Read more

The Image of the War: Franco Pagetti

In the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, its carnage and destruction, photography still plays a key role: victims are always portrayed by the images of war photojournalists, sometimes even the executioners. These intense images always look the same, for every war, but they constantly renew their effect and their ability to show terrible … Read more