Introducing Loisida, a New Brand With a Baroque Take on Lower East Side Style

In New York, the casualization of fashion is ideological and geographical. Uptown polish has given way to downtown edge. What Soho was to many Abstract Expressionists, the Lower East Side has been to many bands, and more recently, fashion brands. Now there’s one that pays homage to that creative mecca below 14th Street: Loisida. (That’s … Read more

The Vogue Editors’ Guide to the Best Outdoor Dining in New York City

Outdoor dining in New York City wasn’t supposed to be a permanent thing. In fact, it was supposed to be a very temporary one—a slapdash, short term solution cobbled together to help struggling businesses safely eke out something of an income during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Case in point: when Mayor de Blasio announced his reopening … Read more

A Theatrical Runway Debut From Lùchen, an Emerging Talent in New York

Lu Chen is a recent Parsons graduate who made a double debut last season in a gallery in SoHo. Upstairs there were intricate and truly couture-like pieces on mannequins. (Jordan Roth has worn several pieces from that collection, including a printed look with a built-in video component.) Downstairs there was smaller offering of ready-to-wear that … Read more