How to Do Romantic Botticelli-Inspired Waves, Courtesy of Maddie Ziegler and Clayton Hawkins

“A super romantic, Botticelli-inspired, long, fresh-out-of-the-ocean look,” is how celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins introduces the style he’s creating for Maddie Ziegler today. It involves extensions (pro tip: wash them) and a curling iron to create “perfectly imperfect” waves—i.e. a summer ideal. The pair estimate that they met when Ziegler was 13 or 14 and Hawkins … Read more

Watch Ella Mai and Kahh Spence Recreate Beyoncé’s B’Day Album Updo

With early-aughts beauty everywhere, leave it to hairstylist Kahh Spence and Ella Mai to recreate an iconic 2006 look: Beyoncé’s B’Day album updo. “It’s such a trendy hairstyle right now,” Spence says. “I feel like everyone is attempting to do, but not doing it right.”  Mai and Spence started working together in 2017, when they … Read more

Watch Natasha Lyonne’s “Lady Godiva” Hair Transformation, Complete With Extensions and Tousled Curls

“Lady Godiva—without a horse, on an imaginary horse,” is how Natasha Lyonne describes the look that hairstylist Ted Gibson is creating for her. And if that’s not evocative enough, consider it Stevie Nicks meets Bernadette Peters—if they “took a bunch of LSD, had a baby, and then went down the rabbit hole into wherever Alice … Read more