If You Love Costa Brazil’s Cult-Favorite Oils, Wait Until You Smell Its Debut Fragrance

Jordan Barrett might not be all that different from the rest of us. Sure, there are those cheekbones, and that body. But when the Australian model stopped by Francisco Costa’s dinner party during Miami Art Basel celebrating the Creative Time-honored composer, Kamala Sankram, he too found himself captivated by the scent of breau, much like … Read more

The Best Spring Fragrances for 2022 Are Soulful and Serene

Creating a perfect spring fragrance is no small feat. Tasked with encapsulating a period of rebirth, renewal, and hope, the season’s fragrances have a lot to live up to. They must be sweet without becoming cloying, refreshing without being too severe, and flower-laden while still appealing to those who’ve banished the blooms. In the past, … Read more