Alexander McQueen Fall 2022 Menswear Collection

Alexander McQueen presented this collection at a store appointment back on April 13, 75 days ago, before releasing these images today. It never seems logical to write a review that is going to be held for who-knows-how-long—anything could change in the meantime—which leaves the only alternative to look back at clothes that have long since … Read more

Lu’u Dan Fall 2022 Menswear Collection

Said designer Hung La: “There’s so much subtlety to Asian male sexuality. Yet in the West we’re either hyper-sexualized, like gangster villains, or effeminate. But there is so much more: sensuality, vulnerability, a love of family—you know?” La’s labor of love menswear product—the counterpoint to Kwaidan Editions, which he also co-designs from London, with Léa … Read more

Saint Laurent Fall 2022 Menswear Collection

Anyone who thinks that Catherine Deneuve got all the best looks in Luis Bunuel’s magnificent 1967 magnum opus Belle de Jour needs to feast their eyes on Anthony Vaccarello’s fall men’s for Saint Laurent. One of the starting points for his collection, a fabulously cool and glam after-dark affair, was Deneueve’s lover in the movie, … Read more