4 Marine Biologists on Their Hopes for World Oceans Day

From global warming to overfishing and microplastics pollution, our oceans are under threat. In fact, a recent study found that one third of all marine life could become extinct within 300 years if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase. Meanwhile, another report published last year found that sea level rise caused by the climate crisis … Read more

Dressing for a Hotter Planet: In the Philippines, Designers Are Creating Compelling Alternatives to Fast Fashion

For Mariton Villanueva, founding Himaya meant creating a brand that acts as a complete antithesis of fast fashion. Though it was officially founded in 2019, with Villanueva’s college capstone project serving as the brand’s first collection, Himaya really has its roots in Villanueva’s childhood, when she would visit her extended family’s clothing factories. There, she … Read more

All My Environmental Heroes Are Black Women

I don’t want to read about John Muir anymore. I know his story after studying Environmental Science and Policy because it flows throughout the curriculum. I’ve grown tired of single-lens environmental narratives that prioritize male, mostly white, perspectives. Why are their legacies considered mandatory education while conservationists of color go unstudied and underappreciated? Since studying … Read more

Inside a Chilean Factory Turning Old Clothes Into High-Quality Eco-Yarn

The process at the factory is quite fascinating. Ecocitex’s employees—Hevia works with Abriendo Puertas to hire some formerly incarcerated women—start to classify what will be sold, upcycled, recycled, or used as eco-fill (scraps of clothing used to fill boxing bags, cushions, or furniture). Nothing ends up in the trash, and they process about a ton … Read more

In a São Paulo Favela, a Former Landfill Is Becoming a Public Park—Meet the 27-Year-Old Resident Behind It

It’s a Saturday afternoon in Jardim Colombo, a favela southwest of São Paulo, and residents have gathered in Fazendinhando Park for a community cleanup event. Volunteers in bright pink T-shirts swirl around the hillside, sweeping pathways, applying rainbow-colored paint to park surfaces, and handing out free household supplies while children jump rope and kick a … Read more

How Iro Iro Is Reimagining Waste While Preserving Traditional Craftsmanship in Jaipur

Purpose is crucial for emerging designers deciding to enter the fashion industry today, particularly considering the growing concerns around excessive consumption. For Bhaavya Goenka, the 27-year-old founder of Iro Iro based in Jaipur, northern India, tackling the industry’s massive waste problem has always been at the core of her circular brand. Rather than being purely … Read more