No Sesso x Levi’s—Everything You Need to Know About the Collaboration

Since launching in 2015, No Sesso has become well-known for its inclusive designs comprised of genderless knits and crafty quilted pieces, fantasy-fueled upcycled gowns with dressed-down details, and directional denim. So, when Levi’s reached out to ask about doing an official collaboration in 2019, the designer duo behind the brand–Pia Davis and Autumn Randolph–happily agreed. … Read more

8 Birkenstock Collaborations to Shop and Wear All Summer

Out of all of the podiatrist-approved shoes out there Birkenstock’s high-quality arch supportive sandals have done the impossible and transitioned from a mere orthopedic basic to a runway-worthy closet staple. Don’t take our word for it. Just look at the luxurious fashion houses who are celebrating the comfort-first brand. Dior’s Kim Jones turned Birkenstock’s Tokio … Read more

The Balenciaga and Adidas Collaboration Is Here—and Already Selling Out

Typically we’re tortured into waiting weeks—sometimes months—for designer collaborations to drop after we first catch sight of them, but not the new Balenciaga and Adidas partnership. On Sunday, May 22, the iconic brands debuted their joint efforts at Balenciaga’s Resort 2023 runway show in New York City, and it was instantly made shoppable via Balenciaga’s … Read more

Marni Kicks Off a Uniqlo Collaboration With Wonder and Purpose

Pen-and-ink drawings, pieces of tape, tiny doodles, massive watercolors, and film photography populate the pages of Marni creative director Francesco Risso’s issue of A Magazine Curated by. Even though the magazine is printed by the thousands, each one has the tactile quality of being bound together just moments before delivery—it’s both human and urgent. Marni’s … Read more