Inside a Grey Gardens-Set Lunch Celebrating Fashion Label Figue

This past Saturday afternoon, a lovely group of ladies gathered at East Hampton’s storied Grey Gardens estate to celebrate the label Figue. Like the setting itself, it’s a brand with a bit of history, albeit one that’s far more cheery. Plus, both are under the care of Liz Lange, so the location was quite the no-brainer.

Launched in 2012, Figue set out to outfit the island-hopping, Mediterranean meandering jet-set. A couple of years ago, Lange (who made her mark on the industry with an eponymous maternity label) swooped in at the height of the pandemic to help grow Figue into a brand that could dress both the beach-bound and the office-set. A couple of collections in, the offerings span eyelet tunic and pant co-ords and midi-skirts printed with bohemian roundels. If the pieces feel as though they’re imbued with a bit of the far-flung, it’s because they are—fabrics and craftspeople who help to create Figue’s collections span India to Bolivia.

“I thought it was a perfect backdrop for this lunch,” said Lange of Grey Gardens, “because probably one of the greatest fashion icons of all time, Little Edie, lived here.” Those in attendance included Kelly Bensimon, Jihae, Nneya Richard, Sophie Elgort, Rachelle Hruska, Sea Bensimon, Casey Fremont, Lili Buffett, and more. “There was something about the decadent kind of disarray of the way she dressed that I think does have a tie into Figue: A breaking of rules, a pattern on pattern, a more is more, a who’s to say what’s appropriate for what occasion. I say a caftan is appropriate at any occasion,” Lange added. In a Figue caftan that swirled with ’70s-esque florals, Lange led by example. Bensimon also wore one: a turquoise-embellished caftan inspired by Cher’s penchant for squash blossom necklaces. Most everyone else also wore prints and patterns courtesy of Figue; all in all, it made for a very photogenic meal.

The afternoon began with a cocktail hour within the hallowed walled gardens on the property, which predate the Beale family’s (by far, the most memorable inhabitants) ownership that began in 1924. Guests sipped on Wolffer wine rosé and enjoyed passed bites served atop trays splashed with prints from Figue’s most recent collection. Some had arrived fresh from Manhattan, others had hopped over from nearby hamlets, and all were incredibly excited to be there.

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