Behind the Scenes at Sarah Staudinger’s Many Pre-Wedding Dress Fittings

Designer Sarah “Staud” Staudinger married Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel in St. Tropez at the end of May in a three-day celebration where Larry David officiated and Diplo DJed late into the night. For all of the festivities—with the exception of one epic Alaïa pool party moment—the bride made a statement in looks from her eponymous label. “Being so in the wedding process and talking about the wedding constantly, the collection we launched this past summer inevitably became inspired by it all,” Staudinger explains.

Not only did the bride wear her own designs, but the hostesses at the welcome party wore Staud dresses and guests wore Staud at the ceremony. With her brand as the canvas, the designer drew inspiration from the wedding location. “We wanted a wedding that was casual, that honored this traditional classic St. Tropez world versus what it’s come to be known as,” she says. “Going there as a child and visiting my dad, and my dad’s stories there, and all of that history and what I grew up with is what I love about it. It made me really happy that I could incorporate something that inspired me so much into reality.”

With this in mind, Staudinger created three major looks for her wedding weekend: a minimal, open-backed sleek column dress, a wedding dress with a fitted bodice, full skirt, and the thinnest spaghetti straps possible, and a shimmery gold mini dress with “Staud Hearts Ari” written in graphic text created by illustrator Michael McGregor. “It took a village, and everyone stepped in and helped so much,” Staudinger says. “It wasn’t just one person. There were a lot of moving parts and a lot of people. We took it from a very much of a fashion perspective, versus a wedding perspective.”

Here, her diary of the process:

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