The Opening Ceremony Varsity Jacket Is Back in a Peter Do Collaboration

Do, who was just nominated for this year’s ANDAM Prize, has reworked Opening Ceremony’s signature varsity jacket in two modern fabrics. One is his trademark “spacer” material, a spongy space-agey woven fabric (available in black or white), and the other is upcycled from the sheer white parachute that lined the runway at his first runway show last September. “We save a lot of things in the studio and repurpose them, that’s what my mom and my grandma taught me, you know? Like, I wash my foil and I reuse it.”

Why the varsity jacket? “We made it for our 10 year anniversary, just for our staff, and we embroidered all of their names on it,” Leon recalls. “I think the idea was that we wanted to have this thing that could represent OC and that you’re a part of our family and our community.” Also, he continues, “We made one for Rihanna and that just kind of went crazy and the rest is history. It became an icon for us.”

Do adds: “I thought that was really nice because we also make these sort of lab coats for the team here, and it felt like a nice touch, like a family item.” 

The jackets will all launch Farfetch’s new retail platform, Farfetch Beat, which will champion an ad hoc release schedule that will focus on extra-special fashion pieces. “We know our customers are looking for exclusive, rare, and curated items that will be part of fashion history, and that’s what we want to offer them,” Farfetch’s Chief Brand Officer Holli Rogers explains, “Opening Ceremony have been pioneers in concept retail they felt like perfect partners to launch [this platform].” She continues, “We love what they both stand for and how they have pushed forward Asian visibility and excellence in Fashion.”

Photo: Katsu Naito Courtesy of FARFETCH

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