Why I Still Love Enrique Iglesias’s 2000s Style

Growing up in the 2000s, I wanted to be Enrique Iglesias. I was fascinated by the Spanish singer’s stage presence, and more importantly, his suave style. Not dissimilar to the flair of Puerto Rico’s Ricky Martin, Iglesias, who turns 47 today, cultivated a look during the decade that was all about leather pants, silky button-up shirts, and tight tees with sternum-baring deep Vs. His fashion sense embodied a certain type of confidence—his clothes clung to every inch of him, and his theatrical stage movements only made the clothes seem somehow tighter. I was obsessed with the whole vibe; it just seemed totally rockstar.

Even over two decades later, Iglesias’s distinctive style still seems fresh to me. (It likely has something to do with all of the fashion labels who are reviving Y2K style.) While looking through the new collections of Amiri and Saint Laurent, for instance, I instantly see Iglesias’s influence. Their runways are filled with tight leather pants and blazers and itty-bitty T-shirts. I just know Enrique would also approve of Diesel’s latest collection, whether it’s the sharp leather racing jackets, or the denim baseball caps (the man loved a hat—trucker hats, baseball caps, knitted beanies, you name it). 

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