Gisele Bündchen on Crypto, Collaboration, and Helping FTX Donate Billions

Collaboration is something Bündchen prioritizes personally and professionally. “My dad always said that life depends on the quality of your relationships,” she says. “I’m a Cancer, so I love having those I care about close by.” As such, the campaign shoot was filled with Bündchen’s favorite creatives, including Munoz to keep the energy high and make first-time model Bankman-Fried feel at home. “You want your friends, the people you’re comfortable with and can trust,” she says. “I’ve known Nino since I was 16, so I knew Sam would be safe with him. I think his images turned out great; the campaign’s all about introducing people to this new form of investing and sharing Sam’s commitment to making the world better.”

Bündchen credits her interest in philanthropy to her family and the lessons she learned alongside her five sisters during their childhood in Horizontina, Brazil. “We grew up sharing everything [especially] our chores, and it taught us to rely on each other,” she says. “Collaborating made things fun for us, so this idea of teamwork is a constant in my life. It has carried me through childhood and permeates everything I’ve done as an adult.”

Modeling may have made her a household name, but Bündchen considers the work she’s been able to do in philanthropy as her true calling. Whether she is working with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the United Nations, the Clean Water Project, or helping a company like FTX decide how to donate its billions, Bündchen feels giving back is its own reward. “This is what brings me joy and gives my life a sense of purpose and meaning,” she says. “I consider myself lucky to be in a position where my needs are met, and I have opportunities to help others. But what you give doesn’t have to be monetary. No matter who you are or your status, there is always someone who needs and appreciates your help—we’re all in this together.”

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