Inside DJ-Duo Coco & Breezy’s Eventful and Stylish Coachella Weekend

When Coco & Breezy, who are twin sisters, ascended the stage during Coachella this past weekend, they took the spotlight as an opportunity to debut two unreleased tracks: “Just Say” and “Magic.” They didn’t know how the crowd would respond. “As DJs, it’s such a privilege that we get to test songs out to a crowd to see if they work or not,” says Coco. “That usually helps us know if we need to make any production changes, or if the songs are close to being done. I can say that the crowd responded well to them!” Their energetic tracks even lured Coachella-goers. “When we first got on stage, there weren’t a lot of people in the crowd—but after just a few songs, the crowd grew to hundreds of people,” says Breezy.

Having attended Coachella all weekend long, Coco & Breezy made sure to serve some fashion looks—both on and off the stage. They worked with stylist Ugo Mozie to embody a “goddess, grudge, queen vibes,” says the duo, but wanted to make it their own. “A lot of people play dress up for Coachella, but we just wore our true style,” says Breezy. “We love dressing like how girl bands dressed in the early 2000s.” While they share a love for Y2K festival style, the pair say they approach outfits entirely differently. “We love a lot of the same things, but I take on more of a girlier approach while Breezy is more of a tomboy,” says Coco. Breezy adds, “Coco will most likely wear the mini skirt versions, and I’d wear the pants version—but the outfits would be the same pattern.”

For day one of their Coachella fits, the two wore colorful bra-top outfits by Casablanca, finished off with eyewear from their Coco & Breezy line, accessories by Lace by Tanaya, and boots by Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga. For day two, their performance look included hers-and-hers crop tops and mini skirts by Natalia Fedner. “Since we were performing for the first time, we wanted to feel like queens on the day of the show,” says the DJs. They accessorized with the same Bottega and Balenciaga boots, and their own eyewear. “It was a big step for Breezy to wear a skirt,” says Coco. “Our mom was actually surprised when she found out Breezy was wearing a skirt. That’s a rare moment.” As for day three, they finished it off by slipping into deconstructed Hugo Boss suits with bra tops, accessories by Pandora, Lace by Tanaya, and sandals by Teva.

Fashion serves aside, Coco & Breezy’s favorite moments from week one of Coachella included meeting some of their favorite fellow DJs on the scene—including the Martínez Brothers, Black Coffee, The Major League DJs and Jayda G. “The Major League DJs, who are also twins, played right after us—and we danced from the beginning to the end of their set,” they say. Given it was Coco’s first Coachella, and only Breezy’s second, they said the exciting experience was one for the books. “I feel extremely grateful that I got to experience my first ‘Chella the way I did,” says Coco.

As for what’s ahead for the DJs? They are currently working on an upcoming EP. “We’ll be releasing a few new songs and our EP soon,” says Coco. “You will see us on more festival lineups this spring-summer, which is extremely exciting.” They also have a collaboration coming up with an outdoor sandal company, and will be releasing new eyewear styles, too. “We are re-releasing a new version of our Limited Edition Third Eye glasses, which were the late Prince’s signature glasses,” says Breezy.

Below, a closer look at Coco & Breezy’s Coachella weekend.

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