31 Iconic Photos of Queen Elizabeth

This April 21, Queen Elizabeth II turns 96 years old. To reach such an age is impressive for anyone—but especially for the royal, who continues to lengthen her record as the longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom. “She’s on great form,” her grandson, Prince Harry, told Hoda Kotb on The Today Show. “She’s always got a great sense of humor with me.”

The nonagenarian remarkably remains in the public eye. In mid-April, she Zoomed with staff and patients at The Royal London Hospital, and weeks earlier, she attended the memorial service at Westminster Abbey held for her late husband, Prince Philip. And, as her Platinum Jubilee—or the celebratory June weekend that will mark her 70th year on the throne— fast approaches, the queen continues to uphold the very promise she made in her 21st birthday speech, on this very day, 75 years ago: “I declare, before you all, that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”

That sentiment is perhaps why she is such a beloved figure: she currently holds a 75 percent approval rating, according to YouGov, who also notes her as the most well-known public figure in the world. “Her Majesty has been a rock of stability in a world of constant change,” former Prime Minister David Cameron said in 2015.

To mark her 96th birthday, Vogue selected 31 of the most memorable photos of Queen Elizabeth that have ever been taken. Some are candid photos—showing a more spontaneous side to a woman known for her stoicism. Others are formal portraits that show off the grandeur of the crown. Then, there are some that just capture the central tenets of who she is, whether it’s a picture with one of her many corgis or one where she flashes her signature megawatt smile. See them all, below.

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