The Best Clip-On Earrings for an Instant Mood Boost

Photographed by Jackie Nickerson, Vogue, March 2020

Unlike a necklace or ring, an earring is the only type of jewelry piece that requires some level of commitment in order to wear it. But if you’ve gone the no-piercing route and still want to find a way to adorn your lobes on occasion, the best clip-on earrings provide a stylish solve. Because they were commonplace during the Victorian era and the mid-20th century, vintage clip-ons abound. And while there are several chic retro styles to be unearthed, contemporary brands like Marine Serre, Pamela Love, and Shrimps are also incorporating this inclusive design detail in new and interesting ways.

And while the first thing that may come to mind upon mention of clip-on earrings are gold, jumbo-sized baubles hailing from the ’80s, there is a surprisingly vast and versatile assortment to choose from these days. Oscar de la Renta has long championed the category with colorful, textured pieces, and buzz-worthy labels like Alighieri and Charlotte Chesnais make the case for clip-ons with architectural metal silhouettes. All to say, regardless if your ears are pierced or not, the 26 clip-on earrings ahead are worth a wear.

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